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Math SN 466-62 2020-2021 (redirected from Math CST-04 General Studies 2019-2020)

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Notes and Supplemental Material  You can now do: 
Wed Jan 19 Situational Problem    
Mon Jan 17  Practice Situational Problem     
Thurs Jan 13 

Quadratic Functions

Finding Rule

Using Rule

Changing from one form to another 

Extra Practice

General to Standard Form 1 (with answers).pdf  

Wed Jan 12 

Quadratic Functions

Factored Form 

Extra Review

Quadratic Functions Review 2 (with answers).pdf


Page 106 #2 top of page

Page 107-108 #3-11, #13 and #16

WB Page 106-7-8.pdf



Wed Dec 22 

TEST :  The test will cover Lesson 1 to Lesson 6 and Lesson 10

General & Standard Form

  • Dom, ran, zeros, y-int, sign, variation, extreme
  • Finding the RULE
  • Problem-Solving    
Mon Dec 20  Quadratic Functions    
Thurs Dec 16  Quadratic Functions 

Word Problems NOTES with samples from previous tests Lesson 10 More Word Problems.pdf   


Quiz solutions Quiz 3 Quad Function General and Standard ANSWERS.pdf  


Wed Dec 15  Quadratic Functions  QUIZ  and WP Review  
Mon Dec 13 

Quadratic Functions  

CLASS WORK Page 99 # 24-28

Page 111 # 16-18

Page 75 #7

Review for Test:

TEST Review for Quad Function.pdf  This PDF contains Review 1, 2 and 4...only do the ones that are highlighted in light blue



Quadratic Functions Review 1 (with solutions).pdf


Quadratic Functions Review 4 (with solutions).pdf  

WB Questions about STANDARD FORM

Page 94 # 3, 4

Page 97 #8-10, 13-16

Page 98 #17-20 


WB Questions about GENERAL FORM

Page 101 #1

Page 104 #5, 6, 8-13


Fri Dec 10 Find the Rule given a vertex and a point  Lesson 5 Finding the Rule with Vertex and Point.pdf  

WB Page 98-99  #21, 22, 23 (do # 24 and 25 too,  if you have time)    WB Page 094 096 097-099.pdf


You were given Quadratic Functions Review 2 (with answers).pdf as well.

You can do #1-11 to practice for test on Dec 22nd.

Wed Dec 8 

Standard and General Form 

Finding the Zeros of a Function in Standard and in General Forms...this is the same lesson as Solving Quadratic Equations.  You can let y be ANY number...

Lesson 6 Solving Quadratic Functions.pdf  

WB Page 104 # 4 and 7  WB Page 104-105.pdf

WB Page 94 #3  WB Page 094 096 097-099.pdf


Any one of the following is a reasonable and conceptually “fair” test question…meaning, that you have the skills/knowledge to answer it.  You have the rule….so you have EVERYTHING.  If you can do the sketch, you can answer the question.  So even though I may not assign these as homework you could imagine that they make good test questions.

Page 102 #2

Page 104 # 5,6,9, 10, 11, 12  

Mon Dec 6  General Form to Standard Form   Lesson 3 Standard Form and General Form.pdf

HW Practice going from General to Standard

Do #1-7 and #13.  

General to Standard Form 1 (with answers).pdf

Thurs Dec 2  Lesson 3 Quadratic Functions  Lesson 3 Standard Form and General Form.pdf 

Do #1-#6 on this sheet.  Read the instructions.  You need to find 

  • vertex...we did this in class as a group
  • equations of the axis of symmetry....review it in the notes, or Google it
  • direction of opening...smile or frown
  • min or max value....depends if it smiles or frowns
  • y-intercept....let x=0

Graphs of Parabolas --Identifying some properties.pdf  


If you need to remind yourself of some details, review notes for Lesson 3....you can read to the middle of page 9 (pages are numbered on the bottom of each page

Wed Dec 1 

Lesson 2 Properties of Functions 

  • Zero(s)
  • Y-intercept
  • Sign 
  • Variation
  • Extremes 


Sample of a Quiz you will have next week on PROPERTIES of functions:

quiz properties.pdf


Properties homework...do half an hour of work....

page 48 # 2, 3, 5a)

Page 49 # 6 b, c  7

Page 52 # 9 

page 53-54 #13, 14, 15

page 55-56 #16, 17 do not do e

page 58 # 20

Page 70-71 # 2, 4


 WB Page 047.pdf WB Page 048 and 050.pdf   WB Page 049.pdf  WB Page 050.pdf  WB Page 052.pdf  WB Page 053.pdf  WB Page 054 056 058.pdf  WB Page 071.pdf 

Mon Nov 29 Lesson 2 Properties of Functions

Domain and Range


WB Page 50 #7

WB Page 050.pdf

Fri Nov 26 Lesson 1 Functions Basis     
Wed Nov 23  Lesson 0 Equation of a LIne

Extra Practice Finding Slope and Rule

Slope of Straight Lines (Lesson 0).pdf

Slope of Straight Line Through Two Points (Lesson 0).pdf

Writing Linear Equations from a Graph (Lesson 0).pdf  

WB Page 136 #2, 3 WB Page 136.pdf

WB Page 143 #3 WB Page 143 no 3.pdf

Monday Nov 22 

Linear and Quadratic Functions  

Blank Notes Lesson 0.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 1.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 2.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 3.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 4.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 5.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 6.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 7.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 8.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 9.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 10.pdf

Blank Notes Lesson 11.pdf



COMPLETED Notes Lesson 0 Equation of a Line.pdf  

Lesson 1 Functions Basics.pdf

Lesson 2 Properties of Functions.pdf

Lesson 3 Standard Form and General Form.pdf

Lesson 4 Word Problems.pdf

Lesson 5 Finding the Rule with Vertex and Point.pdf

Lesson 6 Solving Quadratic Functions.pdf

Lesson 7 Factored Form.pdf

Lesson 8 Finding the Rule with Zeros and a Point.pdf

Lesson 9 Solving Quadratic Inequalities.pdf

Lesson 10 More Word Problems.pdf

Lesson 11 Test Review.pdf


Thurs Nov 18 

C1 Situational Problem:     

  • Rational Expressions (simplify, x, /, +, - )
  • Solving Quadratic Equations
  • Solving Rational Equations   
Wed Nov 17 Practice Sit Prob     
Mon Nov 15 Review for Sit Prob 

Practice 2 for Situational Problem 2020.pdf

Practice 2 for Situational Problem 2020 ANSWERS.pdf


Practice for Situational Problem 2020.pdf  

Complete Sheet given out in class


Fri Nov 12 TEST     
Wed Nov 10   Prepare for TEST     
Thurs Nov 4 Prepare for Test 

Extra Work and Answers to Worksheets from class

Solving Quadratic Equations and Factoring Expressions (with solutions).pdf

TEST REVIEW 1 Rational Expressions Practice Questions.pdf

TEST REVIEW 1 Rational Expressions Practice SOLUTIONS.pdf  

Test Review 2 Factoring, Rational Expressions and Solving Review.pdf

Test Review 2 Factoring Rational Expressions And Solving SOLUTIONS.pdf


Wed Nov 3  Quadratic Equations Word Problem     Word Problems 2 (with answers).pdf  
Mon Nov 1  Quadratic Formula 

You can review the class notes here:

Lesson 3 Quadratic Formula.pdf  

WB Page 33 # 9 and 10 WB Page 33 ANSWERS.pdf


Be sure to find DELTA first to see if there are ANY solutions….only then should you continue with the QF




Friday Oct 29  Word Problems and Solving Quadratic Equations   

WB Page 34-35 #11, 18, 19 

WB Page 030-035.pdf

Wed Oct 27

Day 8

Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square 

Completing the Square.pdf   EP Solve by Completing the Square.pdf Choose 6 to do to practice 
Mon Oct 25  Solving Quadratic Equations by Isolation  Lesson 2 Isolating Variables.pdf  

WB Page 32 and 33 #6 and 8

Page 33.pdf  

WB Page 030-035.pdf

Thurs Oct 21  Solving Quadratic Equations by ZPP  Lesson 1 Solving Quadratic ZPP.pdf    
Wed Oct 20  Rational Equations  Lesson 3 Rational Equations.pdf  


Solving Rational Equations (with solutions).pdf  

Mon Oct 18  Adding and Subtracting Rational Expressions  EXTRA PRACTCIE work sheet 1 Polynomials and Rational Expressions (with solutions).pdf

WB  Page 28 #7 8

WB Page 028.pdf


Wed Oct 13 Day 1

Multiply and Divide Rational Expressions

State Restrictions

Chapter 02 Factoring and Rational Expressions NOTES.pdf

WB Page 26 #3 4 

WB Page 26 with restrictions.pdf


Thurs Oct 7 Day 9



Topics include:

  • Polynomials (+, -, x, /)
  • Long Division
  • Factoring 
  • Remarkable Identities
Wed Oct 6 Day 8   Review for Test  Lesson 5 Multi-step Factoring and Word Problems A.pdf    
Mon Oct 4 Day 6 

 QUIZ: Mostly Factoring

(Short Period)

Fri Oct 1 Day 5   

LOTS of Practice if you want

Factoring By Grouping (with answers).pdf

Factoring Assignment (with answers).pdf

Factoring By Grouping 2 (with answers).pdf

Factoring Polynomials 3 (with answers).pdf

Factoring Quadratic Expressions Trinomials (with answers).pdf

Polynomial Worksheet Long Divison (with answers).pdf



Wed Sept 29

Day 3 

WORD PROBLEMS with rectangles and Squares

Easy Word Problem Practice Word Problems With Factoring.pdf


Long Division Practice Polynomial Worksheet Long Divison (with answers).pdf  

Mon Sept 27 Day 1  Multi-Step Factoring and Word Problems    
Thurs Sept 23 Day 9

Factoring Difference of Squares (continued)  and Factoring Trinomials

Chapter 02 Factoring and Rational Expressions NOTES.pdf  


Page 19 # 10 eh

WB Page 016-023.pdf

Page 20-21 #14   #15 abc 

Wed Sept 22

Day 8

 Factor by Grouping and Difference of Two Squares

WB Page 17 #6 (grouping)

Page 18-19 #9 and 10 a-d  (Diff of squares)

WB Page 016-023.pdf

Mon Sept 20 PED DAY    
Fri Sept 17 PED DAY    

Wed  Sept 15

Day 3


Common Factoring



Page 16 #2 b d f h j    #3 d e f

WB Page 016-023.pdf


Mon Sept 13

Day 1

Division (continued) and Polynomial Multiplication
 Extra Practice: Polynomial Worksheet Long Divison (with answers).pdf

WB Page 14 # 5 

Polynomial Worksheet 1 (with answers).pdf

WB Page 8 #22 c and #23 d

Thurs Sept 9

Day 9

 Euclidean (Long) Division


408TB1p.160 Long Division.pdf

408TB1p.160#22 ANSWERS.pdf  

WB   Do Page 13 for sure, but only do Page 14 if you have time

Page 13 #2, 3  

Page 14 #6-9 

WB Page 012-013.pdf

WB Page 014.pdf  

Wed Sept 8

Day 8

Remarkable Identities 

Lesson 3 Lesson 3 Remarkable Identities.pdf

Extra Practice/Review: A selection from Page 7-8  #17-24

WB Page 005-007.pdf

WB Page 008.pdf



Page 10 #2a-d, 3a-c, 4 a b c e

Page 11 #5 abc, 6 fghi 


WB Page 010-011 .pdf

Fri Sept 3

Polynomial Review




Lesson 2 Lesson 2 Operations on Polynomials.pdf


Chapter 01 Polynomial Notes TEMPLATE.pdf

01 Polynomial Notes COMPLETE.pdf

Handout from class.  Check for understanding.

Sec.3 Polynomials Review.pdf Sec.3 Polynomials Review Answers.pdf  

Wed Sept 1

Day 3 

Topic for the day

This is where I will upload the class notes.  PDF's of lessons, and extra resources 

This is where I will post work that you are "now able to do".  And the ANSWERS. 





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