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Math SN 5-01 General Studies 2021-2022

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Date Topic and/or Title  Materials/Notes In class Assignments and Homework
Mon Dec 13 Optimization    
Tues Dec 7 Optimization   

Resources to help you prepare for your test.

Graphing Linear Inequalities.pdf

Optimization Multiple Choice (with answers).pdf

Optimization BIM (with solutions).pdf


WB Page 035-047.pdf

Mon Dec 6  Optimization  Lesson 6 Two Optimal Points and Dotted Line.pdf  

WB Page 54 # 5 and 6

WB Page 58 # 6 - 8

WB Page 048-059.pdf

Tues Nov 23  TEST     

Mon Nov 22 

Test Review


More Review for Test:

WB: p.261-263

#15, 16, 17, 21, 22, 23  

Trig Functions Word Problems Worksheet 1 (with solutions) 2021-11-17 19_01_43.pdf

Trig Functions Word Problems Worksheet 2 (with answers).pdf  

Mon Nov 15 

Tan Function

WB: p.242 #4 to 9

Quiz 4B Solutions.pdf  

Word Problems given in class:

Trig Functions Word Problems Worksheet 1 (with solutions) 2021-11-17 19_01_43.pdf


Extra work

Trig Functions Word Problems Worksheet 2 (with answers).pdf  

Tuesday Nov 9 

Cosine Function 

Lesson 4 Cosine Function Handout.pdf  


Lesson 4 Cosine Function NOTES.pdf

WB WB Pages 232-236.pdf

Page 230 #6

Page 232 and 233 #7. 8, 9 

Page 234 #10-13

Page 236 #14, 15 

Mon Nov 1  Finding the Rule of a Sine Function   WB Page 225 #14 WB Page 222-3-5,-30.pdf
Tues Oct 26  Trig Functions Finding the zeros   WB Page 220 #6 WB Page 220.pdf

Mon Oct 25

Day 1 

 Trig Functions

Sinusoidal Function:

Secondary 5 SN Notes.pdf  

WB  Page 219 #5  WB Page 219.pdf

Mon Oct 18 Day  Test Review     

Wed Oct 13

Day 1

Review for Test

Trig Circle 

Proving Identities



WB Page 207.pdf WB Page 244.pdf WB Page 245.pdf WB Page 247.pdf WB Page 247 13 Identities Solutions.pdf WB Page 255.pdf WB Page 255 Solutions.pdf WB Page 247 14 Identities Solutions.pdf

Tues Oct 12

Day 2 

Proving Trig Identities 

Extra Practice for Proving Identities

Identities Practice 1 (with solutions #1-11).pdf

Basic trig Identities Worksheet 2 (with answers).pdf

Identities Practice 2 (with solutions).pdf

Identities Practice 4 (with solutions).pdf

Challenging Trig Equations and Identites (with answers).pdf


Mon oct 4  Trig Circle Review 1 and 2    
Tues Sept 28  Solving Trig Equations (continued) 

Trig Circle Review 1 (with solutions).pdf  


Trig Circle Review 2 (with solutions).pdf


LOTS of extra Practice:

Calculate Arc Length (with answers).pdf

Determine Coterminal Angles in Radians (with answers).pdf

Determine Measures of Rotations in Radians (with answers).pdf

Convert Radians to Degrees (with answers).pdf

Solving Simple Trig Equations (with answers).pdf


WB Page 207 #27, 28  AGAIN

WB Page 207.pdf


You can work for 30 minutes on TRIG review 1

You have not been given TRIG CIRCLE REVEIW 2 yet


Mon Sept 27


 Solving Trig Equations


WB Page 207 #27, 28 

WB Page 207.pdf

Tues Sept 14 Day 2

Trig Circle




Page 199 #5, 6

Page 202 #10 ab, #11, 12, 13, 14

WB PAge 199.pdf WB Page 200.pdf WB Page 201.pdf WB Page 202.pdf WB Page 203.pdf


Mon Sept 13 Day 1

Remarkable Angles (continued) and Trig Circle

Extra Resources:

Blank Trig Circle


Complete Trig Circle


Remarkable angles

No homework tonight....

but lots of class work tomorrow  :)


Remarkable Angles

EXTRA WORK for practice here

Notes here for support:

Simplify Radicals

Add and Subtract radicals

Mult and Div radicals


Radicals EXTRA with answers 

Workbook Page 191 #1 abcd #2   

WB Page 191.pdf


sec csc and cot are merely the reciprocal of cos sin and tan, respectively  


Introduction to Radicals Numbers and Expressions 

Rationalizing the Denominator


Chapter 1 Trigonometry TEMPLATES



WB: p.15 #4abcdf

        p.16 #5abcdh #6 cdfh

         p.17 #7


WB Page 016.pdf WB Page 017.pdf 

CHAPTER TRIGONOMETRY workbook ANSWERSchapt_05_math_5_science_workbook_answers..pdf




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