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Welcome to Mathematics


Instructor: Kelly Von Eschen






Goals of the Course





Your child will be using a combination of a workbook (Mathematics 3000) and a Textbook (Vision Series)


Graded Course Components

You child will be evaluated on the content of the material and the ability to reason mathematically. In addition, they will be evaluated on their ability to solve a situational problem.  The dates of these evaluations are posted in RED on each course page.   Have your child show you the page that corresponds to the course they are following.



Problem Sets and Notebook 

Much of our class time will be spent taking notes and working on problems. In an effort to make efficient use of class time, most ANSWERS to homework questions are provided on the class website.  Students are expected to check their homework everyday BEFORE coming to class.  In this way they are aware of where they are having problems and can address these problems to me immediately.  If students do NOT check their work, then they are missing an opportunity to validate their own learning.  This is a crucial part of being successful in this course and is considered part of their homework assignment.




There will two formal examinations: one in January and one in June.  These exams will cover all of the material learned up to that point. They will be considered as a significant indicator of a students ability to reason mathematically.


Other Information

Students may rent a graphing calculator from the school for use during the year.  See teacher for information.



Missed Tests

Students are expected to be present on test days.  Should they miss a test because of a valid absence they will be permitted to write a "make-up" test.    Any student who misses a class test and wishes to write the "make-up" test is required to bring a note indicating that the parents are aware that a test has been missed. 




Students may not bring any electronic device to class tests, except a teacher-approved calculator.  iPhones and iPods are to be left in lockers during class tests. Students may bring electronic devices to regular classes as they are often asked to go "on-line" to access necessary resources and apps.


Course Grade

The grade in this course is determined by a student's performance on announced evaluations held during class and during the exam period. Generally there are 3 tests each term.



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